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Keep Your Whites White

The whiteness you enjoy on your clothing is not a color.  It is a skillful result of the use of optical brighteners.  If you disturb or remove the optical brighteners you affect the light reflectance and the whiteness.  Yellow underarm stains are the result of the salt in your perspiration and/or the aluminum in your anti-perspirant and their effect on the optical brighteners. 

Follow these tips for to keep your whites white.

1.  Chlorine bleach should never be poured directly onto a stain.  It is more likely to result in ‘yellowing’ than stain removal.

2. To avoid underarm stains, always make sure your deodorant is fully dry before getting dressed. 

3.  Consider a short sleeved undershirt to act as a barrier between you and your white shirt. 

4.  Washing or dry cleaning the garment after every wearing will mitigate build up.  These stains don’t appear overnight.  They are the result of repeated wear.

5.  Lastly, keep in mind that these perspiration salts and deodorant ingredients are on ALL your garments – the adverse effects of them are just not as visible.