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Wedding Gown Preservation Tips

Once the wedding is over, there are few tangible reminders.  The food and drink were consumed, the flowers have died, the music has stopped playing… all these things that the bride anguished over are just sweet memories.

But there are a couple of things that provide a concrete reminder of the day: the photographs and the wedding gown!

WeddingTaking the time to preserve that wedding gown means it will remain a tangible reminder of the day for many years to come.

Perhaps another generation or two of brides will even wear it!

According to textile and costume conservation specialists, the first step in proper preservation is beginning with a CLEAN item.  You should never store anything that has been worn or is stained, unless you clean it first.  The next preservation step includes protection from: light, (which means never put the gown in a box that has a see-through plastic window), dust and insects, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, storage in plastic, and remember always professional cleaning before storage (this is especially true if the dress in question is silk)!

The storage box should be big enough to accommodate the dress with a minimum of folds, and archival (acid free) quality tissue and box should be used.  Any cardboard  (box, bust forms, etc. should be lignin-free, so that the item isn’t vulnerable to oxidation and turn yellow with age.

Never store your boxed dress in an attic or basement.  The heat and humidity will eventually cause irreparable harm.

If you want to know more about the proper handling or storage of wedding gowns or other potential family heirlooms – feel free to ask us.  We’re here to serve and share.