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The Truth Behind Fuzz Balls aka Pills

PillsAfter you have worn a knit garment a few times, you may find small balls of fiber forming on the surface. These fuzz balls are known in the dry cleaning trade as pills. They are formed by the loose fibers tangling together in places where your garment is subjected to friction during wear. The more often you wear a knit garment in between cleanings, the more pills you’ll encounter as the pills themselves exacerbate the surface areas from friction.

Though you might be tempted to take a scissor or razor to these unsightly blemishes on your fine knit wear, a better option is to bring it in for professional cleaning and depilling.

Removing pills is part art and part science. An amateur is as likely to make a snip that will lead to future unraveling, as they are to successfully remove just the pill. Garment care professionals actually have special tools for depilling fine knitwear – and no, it’s not the sweater brick you saw in the discount store! We call it ‘carding’ the fibers, and it is the same technique used in the manufacturing process. If you want to learn more, feel free to ask us, or just bring it in and ask for cleaning and depilling.pills2