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Travel Tips: Save dry cleaner bags for wrinkle-free packing!

When it comes to wrinkle-free packing, your best friend is plastic.  Yes, as in the bags in which we send your dry cleaning and laundry home. That’s because friction causes wrinkling and the plastic bags help reduce friction.  If you have hanger items, pack each one in individual bags.  Use more bags in between layers of clothing. You’ll be amazed what great shape your clothes will be in when you arrive at your destination.


On a side note, as a green dry cleaner, at Shaffer’s we use only environmentally friendly poly bags made of material designed to breakdown over time.  Most dry cleaners still use conventional plastic bags that never degrade and are not recyclable.


OK, so back to packing tips.  Here are a few other great ideas culled from international travel expert Fodor’s:


  • Avoid cramming your suit case full! Guaranteed way to wrinkle your clothes as soon as you zip up your suitcase. 
  • Roll jeans, t-shirts, boxer shorts – great space-saving and wrinkle-free packing technique.   
  • Button blouses and shirts when folding these items for packing. 
  • Pack delicates, undies & lingerie, in mesh laundry bags. Roll socks and tuck inside shoes.
  • Arrange items in your suitcase with goal to fill up all empty spaces so items won’t shift.   
  • Put folded clothes in piles down the center. Put your toiletries kit at what will be the bottom of your bag when it’s standing. This is likely heaviest item and you don’t want it to crush other items.
  • Tuck your rolled clothes into the spaces around the stacked clothes. Fill other openings with socks and shoes  – and remember shoes don’t have to travel paired up next to each other!


Upon return from your trip, roll your suitcase right into any Shaffer location.  Hand over your tired, soiled clothing your friendly customer service rep.  We’ll dry clean and launder, return ready for your next trip.


Bon voyage!