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Tips for Dads (& Moms) Who Golf

GolfFor the golfers among us, there is nothing that compares with a beautiful sunny day spent on the golf course.  It’s the perfect opportunity to let the sun rejuvenate us, get a bit of a tan and put the worries of the world out of mind while we focus on the game.

The bad news is while the sun is doing wonders for your state of mind; it is also bleaching the color from your favorite golf shirt. This is especially true in the shoulder area and above the waist. (Just think about all that time you spend hunched over your ball getting ready to take your swing.)

And that’s not the only problem created by Mother Nature.  Tree sap (which will undoubtedly find its way onto your clothes when you find yourself in the rough) turns acidic with time, and the resulting chemical reaction also pulls color.

Salts from your perspiration and deodorants will also affect the dyes, sometimes turning them an ‘orange’ hue. 

That’s why it’s important to professionally clean or launder these garments quickly to remove the offending acids and chlorides.  While fast action is no guarantee, it is the best chance your shirt has!

Ironically, these color loss problems don’t usually manifest themselves until after the shirt has been washed/processed.  So while it might look ‘okay’ to you before hand, the invisible damage that was done shows itself after the fabric has been exposed to heat in the washing or drying process.