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Prevent moth holes

Moths are attracted to protein fibers found in natural fabrics like wool, silk and cotton – and they do the greatest damage to garments made of these fibers that are left undisturbed for long periods of time; especially if they have not been cleaned prior to storage. Moths feed not only on natural fibers, but on particles and invisible stains left by food, beverages, perfumes, perspiration and body oils.

How to keep moths away:

  • Use cedar in storage area. It’s nontoxic and the cedar oil vapor kills young larvae. However, it has no effect on mature moths, and the cedar wood must be replaced every few years as the oil loses its potency.
  • Mothballs are effective at killing moths, yet they are toxic to humans and pets and they are effective only in airtight storage space.

The most effective way to prevent moth damage: Clean all garments prior to storage, especially those that are made of natural fibers like wool, silk and cotton.


Tip #6 – Protect drapes under the Tucson sun

The Arizona sun is as harmful to your drapes as it is to your skin! The intense heat of the sun will weaken fibers, which can cause them to quickly disintegrate during the cleaning process and also cause brown spots to appear before or after cleaning.

Protect your drapes:

  • Only install drapes with full lining and even interlining if made of silk or other delicate fabrics.
  • Drapery manufactures allow for a 2”- 4” shrinkage; if you are having custom drapes made, make sure the fabric is preshrunk by cleaning before hemming.
  • On windows with extreme sun exposure, consider exterior awnings or alternative interior window coverings such as blinds or shutters.

Considering new drapes or worried about current ones? We’re here to answer any questions you have to keep them looking their best!