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We make can make your band uniforms POP!
It's time for Spring cleaning!
Let us help your staff look professional every day!
We are here to help you look your best!
We specialize in military uniforms
Tablecloths, napkins, and fine linens
Expert, gentle cleaning of your valuable rugs!
Restore new life to your shoes!
We clean designer handbags!

Sweater Care

Are Your Sweaters Looking a Little the Worse for Wear?

If you want to give your sweaters a new lease on their life, ask us about our de-pilling and restoration services.  It could be just the boost they need to keep them among your favorites.  We’ll check your sweater over from top to bottom, and bring back that like new joy you had in wearing it.Sweater care

 Thought for the Week

“If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and will not catch your eye,

she is wearing your best sweater.”

~Pam Brown