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From Shaffer Drycleaning

Hi !Intro Letter

A few years back we were invited to a friend’s house for a Superbowl party.  Like any good Superbowl party guest, I offered to bring a dish… 

If I do say so myself, I make an awesome guacamole dip. Unfortunately, our friends’ oldest daughter had already volunteered to do the dip.  So mine was out, and hers was in.

Now, I say this with a smile but I remember what kind of cook I was at the age 20, and it wasn’t good.  So I was not holding out great hope for this maiden voyage guacamole dip.  I regret to report my fears were not misplaced.

On our arrival, their daughter reported to us with great pride that the grocer assured her the avocados were just in and freshly picked.  (In case you don’t know, this is NOT a good thing if you plan on eating the avocados that day!)

I’m here to tell you from experience that a recently picked, bright green avocado is gorgeous to look at but as hard as a football helmet, and about as easy to chop into small pieces.  These avocados resisted every kitchen cutting utensil and appliance known to man.  I knew we were in trouble when her older brother suggested taking the avocados into their father’s workshop and trying out the power saw on them.

They eventually figured out something (I didn’t have the nerve to ask what) and the dip was served.  As you can imagine, despite their best efforts, it was not the guacamole dip of which dreams are made, though we all made a great show of eating some.

 With this Superbowl experience still fresh in my mind, this week I am featuring, my own heart healthy and absolutely delicious guacamole recipe, as well as a few tips on how to pick out a ripe avocado.

 Enjoy the game.  See you soon.