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It’s Shaffer Cleaners – Happy Halloween


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halloween memory

Hi Patricia!

Every dry cleaner has their favorite Halloween challenge or horror story.  Unfortunately, it’s a night when at least one customer coming home from work is going to ‘get hit’ with raw eggs, shaving cream or some variation of a trick -or -treater’s juvenile idea of funny.

For me, my first Halloween in the business brought a deluge of customers who had been the victim of World Series caliber pitching of raw eggs!  There were trench coats, pants, leather jackets, hats… a whole array of egg stained garments were brought through our doors that year.

Now, I have to tell you, raw eggs are NOT a commonly seen stain in the dry cleaning business.  So I had to stop, mentally break down the stain and think about the best way to proceed before I began any stain removal work.  You see, if I had simply started by working with live steam to break up the dried egg – I would have wound up with scrambled eggs, which would have been a double mess to remove!

But such is the life of a dry cleaner.  We have to do far more thinking and testing, and exercise far more patience and spend way more time removing stains than outsiders realize!

This year, if your child comes home wearing an egg or two, and you want some guidance on the best way to deal with raw egg stains (which are albuminous by nature), send me an email, and I’ll be happy to give you some guidance.

In the meantime, I’ve included a few Halloween safety tips and a Halloween ecard link (with puzzle) below.  Have a happy and safe Halloween.  See you soon.

Take care,

Bake, Patricia and the
Shaffer Dry Cleaning Team

halloween puzzle and ecard link
Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here, and while it’s a great, fun-filled holiday, it is also a holiday that is ripe with possibilities for it present danger and risk for eager trick or treaters.

Here are a few tips for you to consider to make sure your child not only enjoys their trick or treat experience, but does so safely:

1. Make sure any ‘pretend’ swords, knives, and similar costume accessories are short, soft, and flexible.

2. Your child should NEVER trick-or-treat alone. Children should walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

3. You should fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see your child.

4. Make sure your child does not eat anything until AFTER you have examined all treats for choking hazards and tampering. Never allow your child to eat any homemade treats, and limit the amount of treats you allow your child to eat.

5. Give your child a flashlight
to hold while trick-or-treating to help them see and others see them. Instruct your child to always WALK and not run from house to house.

6. Test make up for an adverse reaction in a small area before applying it to their face. Be sure to remove make up before bedtime to prevent possible skin and eye irritation.

7. Instruct your child to look both ways before crossing the street and use only established crosswalks.

8. Instruct your child to stay on sidewalks.

9. Choose well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.

10. Be certain your child knows NEVER to enter any home, unless they are being accompanied by a known and trusted adult (like YOU!)

halloween toddlers

Thought for the Week


“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween. “

~Erma Bombeck




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