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October Newsletter

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Going Pink Month
Take $1 off

any order with a pink garment and you can donate the $1 to the cancer organization of your choice!

We support Breast Cancer Awareness.
Offer valid from 10/01/2012 through 10/31/2012

Hi there –

Is there any one among us who hasn’t had a friend, co-worker or family member hear the dreaded words, “You have a lump?”  If so, they’re very lucky.

Just this year, a very dear family friend got that news from her doctor.  She then began the nerve racking, arduous path to determining if indeed the lump was breast cancer, and if so, what would have to happen next.  Thankfully for her, the lump was benign.  However the experience brought home to me how important screening was, and how very quickly our lives and priorities can change.

We all applaud the tremendous strides that have been made in screening and treatment, but we mustn’t relax our vigilance.

We want to remind you how important early detection is in the successful treatment of breast cancer, and to urge you, if you or a loved one hasn’t had your mammogram – to schedule it NOW.

Take care and see you soon,
Bake, Patricia and the
Shaffer Dry Cleaning Team


We don’t just clean them, we DETAIL them – removing all those fuzz balls, as well as addressing a host of other details…


My mother used to call this time of year, ‘sweater weather’.  That all too short season, when the sleeveless top of the dog days of summer wasn’t enough to keep you feeling comfortable.  As you prepare to dig out your sweaters for their season – here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1.  Sweaters should not be put on hangers from the shoulders.  Ideally, they should be folded and kept on a shelf or in a drawer.  If you don’t have the space for that – fold it and drape it over the hanger bar. (The same way we return them to you after cleaning).

2.  Always put your jewelry on AFTER your sweater.  This will keep it from snagging on the sweater when you put your arms in the sleeves or pull it over your head.  At night, reverse the process – remove your jewelry and then take your sweater off.

3.  Avoid wearing heavy weight pins or brooches.  They can distort the fibers or cause pulls and snags.

apple health

Thought for the Week

“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”
~Publilius Syrus

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