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The one thing most designers seem to be in sync about for Fall 2013 fashions, is the use of gray as the new black!

It’s a sensible choice as it can be easily paired with virtually any other color and therefore offers a real versatility.


Leather and leather trimmed garments remain in vogue. And while it’s wonderful to be ‘in fashion’ remember the inherent problems that come with leather.

1- it is an animal skin and by its nature MUST have imperfections. (Think about the blemishes, Fashion 2marks, scars, moles and freckles on your own skin, and you’ll see what we mean)

2 – these animal hide blemishes are camouflaged during the tanning and dyeing processes (the same way you conceal your skin blemishes with cosmetics!).

3 – cleaning will often remove the ‘cosmetic’ cover that hides the animal skin’s imperfections.

4 – often the dyes used will bleed, so be forewarned of potential trouble if you buy a light color garment with dark leather trim.


As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask us.


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