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Hi !

Spring has officially made its debut and coupled with the upcoming holiday that
 means many of you will be engaging in the ancient rite of spring cleaning.  We’ve found a great website with some wonderful tips, that you might want to visit, and we have our own thoughts about closet organization which we’ve outlined for you below.

We hope you have a few minutes to enjoy our welcome spring e-card.  

Take care and see you soon.

Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Dry Cleaning Team

crowded closet
The easiest way to start organizing your crowded closet?

Comb through your wardrobe and:

1.  pull out whatever needs tailoring 

(for either a better fit or a restyling into something more fashionable)

2.  donate what you don’t need or want


And remember, to avoid stretching it’s best if you do not hang your fine knitwear, especially heavy weight items.


Thought for the Week
Housework is the thing you do that nobody notices unless you haven’t done it.”
Evan Esarpoof

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