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March Newsletter


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best dressed at the oscars

Hi .


Okay, we confess.  We are fashion and award show junkies, so February was a big month for us.  Not only did we get a full dose of high fashion from the Oscar telecast, earlier in the month we were also following the Mercedes Benz fashion week activities in NYC.

In case you missed it, at the Oscars, glitter and glam carried the day, with metallic fabrics, beads and sequins ruling most of the best-dressed selections. Despite the photos shown of my own personal ‘best dressed’ list, women’s shoulders mostly remained bare, most dresses glittered and upswept hair was very much in favor. read more…

Patricia, Bake and the Shaffer Cleaners Team  



50 shades of gray for fall

News from NYC Fashion Week

The one thing most designers seem to be in sync about for Fall 2013 fashions, is the use of gray as the new black! 


It’s a sensible choice as it can be easily paired with virtually any other color and therefore offers a real versatility.

Leather and leather trimmed garments remain in vogue
. And while it’s wonderful to be ‘in fashion’ remember the inherent problems that come with leather.

 it is an animal skin and by its nature MUST have imperfections. (Think about the blemishes, marks, scars, moles and freckles on your own skin, and you’ll see what we mean).


read more…


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 Thought For
The Week

oscar wilde

“The truth is rarely pure
 and never simple.”

~ Oscar Wilde



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