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Leather Care & Cleaning

Leather care

Leather wrap-around dress from Michael Kors Spring 2014 line.

Here are a few tips on caring for your leather garments:

  • Always hang leather garments on wide or padded hangers to maintain their shape.
  • Never store leather garments or accessories in plastic or other non-breathable covers. This will cause the leather to become dry.
  • Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally away from any heat source.
  • Avoid storing in very humid or very dry environments as well as in direct sunlight.
  • Do not use waxes, silicone products or other leather preparations that impair a garment’s ability to breathe.
  • Avoid spraying perfumes or hair sprays while wearing your garment and do not apply pins, adhesive badges or tape.
  • Wearing a scarf at the neckline will help keep hair and body oil away from the collar.
  • Hems may be fixed with a tiny amount of rubber cement by a leather care professional.
  • All products used at home should be tested on an inconspicuous part of the garment.


What you should know about leather cleaning

The Leather Apparel Association recommends professional leather cleaning for all leathers, and fabric garments trimmed with leather or suede.  The LAA also advises consumers:

  •  Clean matching garments at the same time, since a slight variation in color or texture may occur as a natural result of the cleaning process.
  • Natural marks, blemishes and wrinkles could become more apparent after cleaning.
  • Garments may shrink slightly, but may stretch again with wear.

The National Cleaners Association advises consumers that they should always sign a consent to process form when having leather garments cleaned.  This document ensures that they have been properly advised about the vulnerability of leather garments when having them cleaned or finished.