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All Hangers Are Not Created Equal

PostWould you use a flathead screwdriver to undo a Phillips-head screw?  Or a sauce pan to fry eggs? OK, even though both these scenarios probably have been attempted by someone before, we’re pretty sure the results weren’t good.   

 Selecting the right hanger for your clothes is important. When you receive your garments back from Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry, they are carefully placed on the appropriate wire hanger style for transport back to your home.  Once in your closet, storing your garments on the right hanger will protect and ensure their longevity.

 Here are some useful tips from the National Cleaners Association.

     • The all-purpose hanger is ideal for a standard suit or mix and match separates. It is a space saver and a popular choice, but provides limited support for the collar area.

     • The deluxe shaped hanger with its gently rounded corners, extended length and collar support is the ideal hanger to use to maintain the shape and drape of ‘important’ suit jackets, blazers and sport coats.

     • The notched hanger is designed to accommodate those items which are either susceptible to clip marks or over the bar creases. They are also recommended for items too delicate to be solely supported by the shoulder straps on the garments; in these cases the manufacturer will provide hanging loops to ease the strain on fragile straps.

     • Padded hangers are perfect for fine items- silk tops, lingerie, etc.

One last point, as the largest 100% green dry cleaner in Tucson, we recycle hangers.  Once you’ve transferred your garments to proper hangers for storage, collect and save the wire hangers to bring back on your next visit to drop off your cleaning.