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Green Cleaning

We care about your clothes and your health.

 We offer a kinder, gentler way to clean your clothes. The GreenEarthTM cleaning technology we use is a non-toxic and non-allergenic, silicone-based solvent similar to what’s in cosmetics, lotions and deodorants.  Most important, it will not leave carcinogenic residue on your clothes like conventional dry cleaning.  In fact, it’s gentle and safe enough to rub on your skin! 

 Most dry cleaners today still use perchloroethylene or PERC, a known carcinogenic that contaminates the air, groundwater, surface water, soil and is harmful to humans.  People are mostly exposed to PERC by breathing it in the air but also can be exposed through the skin from residue in dry cleaned garments.

 We made the decision to stop using PERC back in 1999, long before the “green” movement took hold mainstream, and switched to nontoxic solvent because it is safer for our family, customers, employees and our community.

 Safer & healthier for you and your clothes:

 GreenEarth solvent not only protects the earth, it protects the quality of your garments! 

  • Fresh– leaves no odors in clothes after cleaning.
  • Whites are whiter, colors are brighter.
  • Fabrics feel softer and more luxurious.
  • Gentle on delicate silks, sequins, beads, lace and trim.

 Our Green Commitment

 In addition to using non-toxic cleaning solvents, we are committed to saving our resources:

  • Recycle hangers – drop off your extra hangers at any of our locations. 
  • Your clothes are packaged in biodegradable poly bags that decompose quickly
  • Fuel-efficient delivery vehicles
  • Energy efficient l lighting at our plant and all locations.
  • Steam from our boilers is recycled to heat water for laundry


Green is the New Black.

Green is the New Black.

But do you know the true color of your dry cleaning? Going green is not just for tree-huggers any more. Everybody is green these days. But unlike fashion trends that go in and out of style, it appears green is here to stay. To be sure, plenty of Madison Avenue types have overhyped and underwhelmed us with “green” claims

Consumer Alert

Consumer Alert

Dry cleaning Services Misleadingly Branded as Natural and Organic Beware of dry cleaners making claims about dry cleaning your clothes using “organic” or “natural” methods. Marketing claims for dry cleaning are not regulated like food claims. The National Cleaners Association, a dry cleaning

Perc Alerts

Perc Alerts

Dry-cleaning Solvent Classified Correctly USA Today - Wednesday, February 10, 2010 (AP) The Environmental Protection Agency was correct to classify a dry-cleaning solvent as "likely to be a human carcinogen," according to a review by the independent National Research Council. The solvent —