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Go Green!

Choose a ‘Perc’ free cleaner. Perc, the most commonly used dry cleaning solvent, is a toxic pollutant and suspected carcinogen affecting the environment around us. Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry has used an alternative hydrocarbon solvent since 1988 which does not have the environmental or health concerns that are found with perc.  

Deal with stains ASAP

There is not one single product or method that can remove every stain. And unfortunately, we have seen many garments permanently stained by use of an improper home remedy. Even water can cause stains on some fabrics. Keep in mind that the older the stain, the more difficult to remove, so bring the garment in ASAP and tell your Customer Service Representative what substance caused the stain. We will do all we can to restore your garment back to the original condition.

Pay attention to buttons

We take the utmost care in protecting buttons in the laundering process. Press pads are kept in a new condition at all times. However, shirt buttons are of a varying quality and are subjected to high heat. Some will break. If we find a cracked or missing button, we closely match it and replace it for you. We will also give to you free of charge ‘panic buttons”” to replace any buttons that might be missing on your shirt at home. The next time the shirt comes to us, your shirt button will be

Clean garments prior to storage

Dark, Dry, Cool and Clean are the four words to remember for clothing storage. Store in a dark place to prevent fading and make sure the storage area is dry to prevent mold, mildew and insects. Protect garments from heat, which can break down some fibers and make sure all articles are clean. Even if there is no visible soiling or an item was lightly worn, storing clothes that haven't been cleaned can cause stains or damage: Invisible or small stains you can't see become visible over time. Any

Prevent moth holes

Moths are attracted to protein fibers found in natural fabrics like wool, silk and cotton – and they do the greatest damage to garments made of these fibers that are left undisturbed for long periods of time; especially if they have not been cleaned prior to storage. Moths feed not only on natural fibers, but on particles and invisible stains left by food, beverages, perfumes, perspiration and body oils. How to keep moths away: Use cedar in storage area. It's nontoxic and the cedar oil vapor

Protect drapes under the Tucson sun

The Arizona sun is as harmful to your drapes as it is to your skin! The intense heat of the sun will weaken fibers, which can cause them to quickly disintegrate during the cleaning process and also cause brown spots to appear before or after cleaning. Protect your drapes: Only install drapes with full lining and even interlining if made of silk or other delicate fabrics. Drapery manufactures allow for a 2”- 4” shrinkage; if you are having custom drapes made, make sure the fabric is

Prolong the life of suits

A good quality suit can provide years of wear and still look fresh by following these tips: After each wearing, lightly brush the jacket with a clothes brush to remove dirt and lint. It also helps rejuvenate wool and prevent it from getting shiny. Hang suit jackets on good coat hangers made of wood or sturdy plastic with broad, rounded shoulder supports to help retain the shape. Have ample space in your closet so that the jacket will hang freely to prevent creasing and allow air

Conserve water and energy with home laundry

Almost 90% of the energy used to do a load of laundry is for heating the water and about one fourth of a household's total water use is for washing clothes. Wash in cold water: advancements made by appliance and detergent manufacturers have made cold water washing more effective. Plus it enhances clothing longevity and consumes less energy. Reconsider your laundry habits. Are things routinely washed after each wearing? Hang items to air after lightly wearing rather than tossing in the

Preserve your wedding gown

Although a wedding gown is worn only one day, it carries a lifetime of significant memories. Since wedding gowns are constructed of delicate materials, often with fragile trim and decoration, they require special cleaning. Hidden soils such as perspiration and body oils oxidize over time and can permanently discolor fabric and lace. Long gowns get heavily soiled on the hem and train, and food and beverage spills are inevitable. Besides the gown receiving professional cleaning and finishing, it

Enhance your garments with regular dry cleaning

We are often asked if frequent dry cleaning shortens the life of a garment, and actually it's just the opposite – frequent cleaning prolongs garment life. Without regular care, stains set with age. Dirt and soil get ground in, acting as an abrasive, like sandpaper, which wears away fibers. Insects are attracted to soiled clothes and cause holes and other damage, particularly in garments made of protein fibers like wool and in garments that are unused for long periods. In short, without regular