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February Newsletter

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

Hi !


We always pay close attention to what styles are shown during Fashion Week because we know you are relying on us to understand the fabrics, trim and construction of all your garments and we are committed to returning them to you looking like new again. That means we have to be prepared before you ever drop it off for our TLC.


We have a caveat for you about one fashion trend we saw, namely fringe: If you decide to indulge, be sure to inspect the garment carefully and make sure it is securely finished.  A poorly finished fringe could present unraveling problems from the simple act of wearing it!


For more on Fashion Week trends, scroll down for our take on the popular ones coming your way.


Take care and see you soon.

Patricia, Bake and the Shaffer Cleaning Team


fashion week collage copy

On The Runway at Fashion Week 2015

Despite snow and blistery cold weather, Fashion Week in NYC was roundly hailed a success by fashionistas in attendance.  There were some pretty obvious trends to be found on the runways this year, and we want to share our take with you.


1.  Crop tops and color blocking remain fashion 
staples, so there’s no reason to cull them from your wardrobe.


2. Navy and white was a very popular choice across a wide array of designers.  The photo above stars Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta collections, but they were among the many who turned to the classic combo for the coming  fall season. (more…)

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fashion week mk

Thought for the Week

“Fashions fade,
style is eternal.” 

Yves Saint Laurent

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