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October Newsletter


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Share photos of your favorite Halloween costumes on our Facebook page.
The photo that receives the most “likes” wins a $100 dry cleaning gift certificate.
Contest ends Tuesday, November 1, 2011.
If you are not on Facebook, email your photo to
we’ll post it so you will be entered in the contest.

Good Luck!

happy halloween ecard copy
Hi Randy!

Happy Halloween.

We hope you and your family have a good time, but remember to stay safe.

Click here to connect to some helpful Halloween tips from the Safe Kids organization.

And don’t feel guilty if you choose to overdo it on the candy, our tailor is here to alter your clothes for a perfect fit again.

Take care,


Bake, Patricia and the Shaffer Dry Cleaning Team


red cow hide with caveatsThe
Nature of the Beast-
A guide to purchasing and caring for leather garments

The information on the left is taken from a fabric website that sells leather to apparel and furniture manufacturers.

What we think you’ll find most interesting about this information is their reference to
the commonality of holes and scuffs That information is important for you to be aware of as you care for your leather possessions.

Leather ages gracefully and can last a lifetime with proper care. It’s been a fashion favorite since our days in caves, and based on all that experience the Leather Apparel Association and the Neighborhood Cleaners Association make the following recommendations on how to purchase and maintain these garments.

  Generally speaking the softer the `hand’ or feel of a leather garment, the higher the cost.  Keep in mind though, that soft and `thin-skinned’ garments are also more fragile and susceptible to damage in wear or cleaning.

Several other factors also influence the general appearance and overall quality of a leather garment.


  • The first is the animal’s life experiences. It’s natural to expect scars from bug bites, fights, falls and other occurences in their everyday life.


  • The next is the animal’s genetics. Every hide  has sections that are inherently wrinkled, softer or thinner than other parts. Environmental conditions including climate and food supply are also a factor. 


  • The very nature of the beast (no pun intended) makes imperfections in the basic skin inevitable.  The tanners’ job is to treat and color the hide (a process similar to a woman applying make up to her skin) to even out the look and tone.   Keep in mind that time, wear and cleaning will eventually effect these treatments the same way washing your face removes make-up, revealing the actual condition of the animal hide.


Thought for the Week

“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.”



  ~Erma Bombeck



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