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Newsletter Memorial Day 2017

We will be CLOSED

on Monday, May 29th 

in honor of Memorial Day

Holiday Delivery Schedule:



Memorial Day, May 29th

Memorial Day weekend is here, signaling the unofficial start of summer.  Last week we warned you about the dangers the summer sun presents for your clothes; this week we wanted to remind you of the importance of covering up when you are out enjoying swimming and
other water sports.

The most effective way to protect yourself is to simply stay out of the summer sun in the middle of the day (10 AM to 4 PM). If that’s not possible, wearing a wide brimmed hat and a tightly woven cover up is essential. (Check out our link to some pareo tying tips).   And don’t forget to use your sunscreen – allowing time for it to dry as many of them will stain your clothes.

Take care and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend,

Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Cleaning Team

Thought for the Week

“America was not built on fear.  America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”

~Harry Truman

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January Newsletter

Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year!

We’re starting off 2017, with a great link for scarf tying tips.

Remember, a scarf is not just a great way for the folks up north to keep the chill away, it is also a wonderful fashion accessory if you tie it creatively.  Luckily, we found a great website to help you do just that.  If you have a moment, we hope you’ll scroll down and connect to a site that will show you how to easily make the most of your scarf.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us.

Warm regards,

Bake & Patricia Shaffer

                                                                              Go here to connect to Mr. Porter’s tips.



September Newsletter

labor day

As Labor Day approaches, and we all prepare to leave summer fun behind, we wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday weekend.


If you’re planning on using the extra day to  clean out your closets and ready them for fall, this week’s tip on closet care should be interesting for you.


Hope we see you soon.

Take care,

Patricia and Bake Schaffer

In Celebration of 
Labor Day

We Will Be
Closed on 
September 5

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thought for the week

einstein thought


closet organizatio

Closet Organization


1.  Give ‘Em Air.  Don’t cram your clothes into your closet.  Leave space between garments for easy air circulation.

2. Color Code Your Closets:  Your friends may tease you about it, but it really is a good idea.

It’s a fact.  When light color garments are stored near dark garments, the sublimation of dyes can occur. This is when nitrogen gas in the environment causes dark dyes to vaporize and redeposit on light garments, creating stains.

So stand up to the jeers of friends and family, knowing the practice of color coding the clothes in your closets helps to ward against the silent staining of your light colored garments.


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Memorial Day Weekend

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

summer white

Could Mean Girls Really Be the Reason for the “Don’t Wear White” Until Memorial Day Rule?


If you search the internet looking for the genesis of the ‘white after Memorial Day’ rule, you’ll find some sources say it can be traced back to post Civil War.  Other researchers claim it was post World War I and pre World War II.

In both cases however, they blame the underlying cause on women in the upper echelons of society preserving their social prominence by creating fashion rules that were only known by their precious few. It was their way of identifying the nouveau riche, who would invariably violate the secret rule and when that happened, they would then be shunned.

Today, we all know the white after Memorial Day and before Labor Day rule. We also know it can be ‘bent’…

Having said that, there are two white rules that we believe to be true:
(1) only wear white to wedding if you are the bride and
(2) always trust us to keep your white garments clean and sparkling bright.



2016 memorial day hours

We Will Be CLOSED on
Monday, May 30
in honor of  Memorial Day


Memorial Day has come to signal the unofficial start of summer, a three day long holiday weekend, the perfect occasion for a barbecue and the day after which it is acceptable to wear stark white.

But before any of that, May 30th was a day designated  as a remembrance of our fallen soldiers,  commemorated by decorating their graves – (the day’s original name was in fact Decoration Day). For more on the history of the day – go here.

It is an important remembrance, and while we all welcome the commensurate three day break, the underlying reason for commemorating this day is important. We remember why.  We honor those who served and gave their lives for our country.  We thank them and their families. And at 3 PM on May 30th, we’ll also share the 30 seconds of our National Moment of Remembrance with you and all other Americans.

We hope you have a happy and safe Memorial Day, and that we see you soon.


Take care,

Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Dry Cleaning Team

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Memorial Day 2016 a

Thought for the Week

“On thy grave the rain shall fall from the
eyes of a mighty nation!?”

~ Thomas William Parsons


February 19th Newsletter

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

view runway shows


Check out the Vogue video link above, and the photo gallery below.


shaffer fashion week favorites copy

february special take 25 percent off garment dry cleaning copy

It’s that time of year when we cast our attention northward to NYC and what is being shown on the runways for Fashion Week.

Understandably, we love fashion, but for us Fashion Week presents us with a unique opportunity to prepare ourselves and our staff to perfectly process the clothes you’ll be bringing us next Fall.

We’ve shared a great Vogue link to videos of some great runway shows, as well as a link to a gallery of photo highlights.  We hope you have a few moments to connect and enjoy them.

Hope all is well in your world. 

Take care,

Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Cleaning Team

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fashion on the street

Thought for the Week

“Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway”

Coco Chanel

February Newsletter

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

do not wear adhesive tags on leather garments copy

Leather, Suede and Silk Warning: Beware Adhesive Backed Name Tags

Name tags are a wonderful thing when attending a conference or meeting.  The most popular, least expensive and easiest to distribute type of tag is the adhesive backed one.

The down side to these tags is that they leave a residue of ‘gummy’ adhesive behind when you remove it.

This residue is a particular hazard to leather and suede garments, and to a slightly lesser extent silk.

We cannot urge you strongly enough to never stick one of these badges to your clothes.  Always bring a clip or neck string and use them to wear your name with pride.  NEVER use a pin on leather, suede or lightweight silk.

BTW – if you use a pin or clip, networkers say you should wear your badge on your upper right shoulder.  It makes it easier to read when you reach out to shake someone’s hand.

february special take 25 percent off garment dry cleaning copy

2016 is a leap year, which means it has 366 days, and the ‘make up’ day happens this month

Why do we have a leap year?  Well according to Dictionary.com it is because 365 days is six hours shorter than a solar year, so we add a day once every four years to adjust for it.

Is Leap Day also known as Sadie Hawkins Day?  Well, if you Google Time , the answer is yes.  If you go to Wikipedia, the answer is no.  Check out both articles and decide for yourself!

Either way, enjoy.

Hope all is well in your world.

Take care,

Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Cleaning Team

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black history month

Thought for the Week

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter.

Martin Luther King

January Newsletter

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

For Men & Women:
Function, Form & Flair Found in Scarves

Function – Scarves do a great job of protecting your neck in warmer climes because they excel at protecting it from the beating sun.   They also act as barrier between your sweater or jacket and soiling that can occur from make up, moisturizers, perspiration, body oils… well, you get the idea.

Form – You can take your scarf beyond the realm of function and into a fashion statement just by how you knot it.  We’ve found a couple of great links – for men  and for women.  Both also feature links to videos. Take a moment to check them out.

Flair – As a fashion accessory, scarves can give a splash of color or interest to an otherwise commonplace outfit. For men, a colored cashmere scarf can brighten up the look of a sedate dark overcoat or sweater, and for those in the vanguard of fashion, a light weight scarf can even serve in lieu of a necktie.  For women, an interesting knot or an eye-catching pattern can make you feel like a million dollars by turning an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.

Best of all, scarves are timeless, and not as subject to the whims and vagaries of fashion trends. So treat your scarves well…it’s one item in your wardrobe that truly will never go out of style.

The new year is here, and that means it’s a good time for some of us to think about stepping outside our fashion comfort zones with regard to scarves.

Scarves have the potential to be so much more than a cold weather accessory… for both men and women. So, if you are in the mood to explore the possibilities, scroll down for our thoughts about this. You’ll also find a couple of great links to help you find the right scarf look for yourself, and the step by step instructions on how to do it.

We wish you all the best in 2016, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care,

Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Cleaning Team

dream big

Thought for the Week


He who never made a mistake,
never made a discovery.”

~Samuel Smiles

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Holiday Newsletter

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

holiday ecard

We came across this list of holiday gift suggestions from Oren Arnold, and wanted to share it with you:

“To your enemy…forgiveness.
To an opponent… tolerance.  
To a friend… your heart.  
To a customer… service.  
To all… charity.  
To every child… a good example.  
To yourself… respect.”

Have a wonderful holiday season, and remember, we’re here for you if you need us.

We hope you have a moment to open our holiday e-card and play with the puzzle.

Take care.



Patricia and Bake Shaffer


Spots and Stains

It’s holiday party time, and let’s face it, juggling a drink and buffet plate is no easy feat. Add to that the jostling and maneuvering inherent at any party, and the chances of a spill or stain increase dramatically.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: what do you do when your favorite outfit gets a wine, soda or dipping sauce stain? As little as possible.

Water, club soda and even ‘miracle’ stain removal products will generally do more harm than good.  They will disturb sizings, cause rings and in some cases pull the color in dyes.  Rubbing a stain creates friction which will abrade the fibers and cause irreparable harm.  The fact is we can probably remove the stain safely, but there’s little we can do about dye disturbance, rings and fiber damage from abrasion.

So, what should you do? Gently remove excess and blot (from top and bottom) with a clean, white cloth.  Never rub. 


Holiday Hours

Thursday December 24:  

7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Friday December 25:  


Thursday December 31: 

7:30 am – 6:30 pm

on Friday January 1, 2016


Thought for the Week





“It is what is in your heart, that
puts the holiday spirit in the air.”


~ W.T. Ellis 

xmas spirit



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November Newsletter

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

With Thanksgiving soon upon us, we wanted to share our best wishes with you for a happy holiday.

We will be CLOSED on November 26th, so that our team can share this special day with their family and friends.

For your use and entertainment, you’ll find a link to our How to Set the Table PDF and for a video from Bon Appetit Magazine about some Thanksgiving rules in this email.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and that you take a moment to enjoy our e-card.

Hope to see you soon.


Take care,

Patricia and Bake Shaffer

bon appetit link

Bon Appétit’s Editor Shares His Thanksgiving Rules

Adam Rapoport shares his thoughts about everything from what to bring to dinner to what you need to make the best left over turkey sandwich.  He even shares his thoughts about what to wear – “My dad always said your mother worked hard on this, show some respect – dress up.”  Check out the link for the video.


We’d also like to share a Thanksgiving rule from our house – those who do not share in the preparation must participate in the clean up! 


As always, if you have any questions or comments, please ask us.


Holiday Store Hours

Thursday November 26:  


Friday November 27:  

8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Saturday November 28: 

8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Closed on Sunday


Pickup Monday Deliver Wednesday

Tuesday/Friday Route No Changes

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!



Thanksgiving ecard for you

Thought for the Week

“The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts.  No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless set aside a day of thanksgiving.”H. U. Westermayer

what we are thankful for

go here to download your PDF


a table setting diagram 2015


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October Newsletter

shaffer dry cleaning 2014

sweater weather tips

It’s autumn and that means we’re approaching what we affectionately call sweater weather!

If you’ve ever wondered why we return your beautifully cleaned and depilled sweaters draped over the tube on a hanger, rather than hanging on the hanger like a blouse or jacket, here’s why:

Knits become distorted when hung from a hanger.  The weight causes them to stretch.  The hanger will mar the shoulders.

Proper storage of your knitwear, including sweaters, is to fold with tissue and lay them flat.  If drawer or shelf storage is in short supply at your house, then drape your knits over the hanger bar like we do.

As always, if you have any questions about the proper care of any garment or household item, please feel free to ask us.


Take care and see you soon,

Hoping all is well in your world.


Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Cleaning Team

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Thought for the Week

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”
Edith Head

dress for success

Fall Store Hours

7:30 am -6:30 pm
 – Friday

8:00 am – 3 pm

on Sunday

Now open at La Encantada!

Wednesday and Saturday 

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Right next to Crate & Barrel

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