Bridal/Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Your “once in a lifetime gown” should last a lifetime.  We put as much care into cleaning and preserving your gown, as you did in selecting it.

 We offer two tiers of service for wedding gowns.  The first is to clean and press the dress.  It is then placed on a hanger in a long poly bag.  We recommend this service for pre-wedding cleaning. 

 The second tier is gown preservation.  Your gown is inspected, repairs made, professionally cleaned by hand and pressed.  It is then carefully sealed in an acid-free protective box that controls humidity.  All oxygen is removed from the box and pure nitrogen is pumped in to keep the dress fresh and free from yellowing.  The sealed package allows you to view your gown at any time while preventing mold, mildew and oxidation.  For extra protection the inner box is then placed in a durable long-term storage box for additional safety.


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