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About Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Family owned & operated, Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry has been in business in Tucson since 1969.  As a result of our strong commitment to a healthier environment, we set the trend for the dry cleaning industry back in 1998 – long before the green movement took hold mainstream– and made the decision to stop using PCE’s in the dry cleaning process.

This was an expensive, time-consuming transition that even today, few dry cleaners are willing to undertake.  But to us, this switch to an environmentally safe cleaning solvent was the right thing to do personally for our family, our employees and our community.  In addition to the healthier, green cleaning solvent & process we use on your garments, we are also committed to helping protect our environment with green practices such as recycling hangers, using bio-degradable garment bags and energy-saving practices.

We Care.

At Shaffer, we are equally committed to providing you with the best quality care and service.  As your neighborhood cleaner, we want to earn your trust by getting to know you, your preferences, and making sure that we take care of your garment needs to your satisfaction.  We’re very proud of our friendly, courteous team members who are all trained & knowledgeable about today’s dry cleaning processes and procedures.

We welcome your feedback, enjoy receiving customer testimonials, and strive to address any occasional concerns immediately. Contact us at