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Memorial Day Weekend

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Could Mean Girls Really Be the Reason for the “Don’t Wear White” Until Memorial Day Rule?


If you search the internet looking for the genesis of the ‘white after Memorial Day’ rule, you’ll find some sources say it can be traced back to post Civil War.  Other researchers claim it was post World War I and pre World War II.

In both cases however, they blame the underlying cause on women in the upper echelons of society preserving their social prominence by creating fashion rules that were only known by their precious few. It was their way of identifying the nouveau riche, who would invariably violate the secret rule and when that happened, they would then be shunned.

Today, we all know the white after Memorial Day and before Labor Day rule. We also know it can be ‘bent’…

Having said that, there are two white rules that we believe to be true:
(1) only wear white to wedding if you are the bride and
(2) always trust us to keep your white garments clean and sparkling bright.



2016 memorial day hours

We Will Be CLOSED on
Monday, May 30
in honor of  Memorial Day


Memorial Day has come to signal the unofficial start of summer, a three day long holiday weekend, the perfect occasion for a barbecue and the day after which it is acceptable to wear stark white.

But before any of that, May 30th was a day designated  as a remembrance of our fallen soldiers,  commemorated by decorating their graves – (the day’s original name was in fact Decoration Day). For more on the history of the day – go here.

It is an important remembrance, and while we all welcome the commensurate three day break, the underlying reason for commemorating this day is important. We remember why.  We honor those who served and gave their lives for our country.  We thank them and their families. And at 3 PM on May 30th, we’ll also share the 30 seconds of our National Moment of Remembrance with you and all other Americans.

We hope you have a happy and safe Memorial Day, and that we see you soon.


Take care,

Patricia, Bake and Your Shaffer Dry Cleaning Team

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Memorial Day 2016 a

Thought for the Week

“On thy grave the rain shall fall from the
eyes of a mighty nation!?”

~ Thomas William Parsons