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September Newsletter

labor day

As Labor Day approaches, and we all prepare to leave summer fun behind, we wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday weekend.


If you’re planning on using the extra day to  clean out your closets and ready them for fall, this week’s tip on closet care should be interesting for you.


Hope we see you soon.

Take care,

Patricia and Bake Schaffer

In Celebration of 
Labor Day

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September 5

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thought for the week

einstein thought


closet organizatio

Closet Organization


1.  Give ‘Em Air.  Don’t cram your clothes into your closet.  Leave space between garments for easy air circulation.

2. Color Code Your Closets:  Your friends may tease you about it, but it really is a good idea.

It’s a fact.  When light color garments are stored near dark garments, the sublimation of dyes can occur. This is when nitrogen gas in the environment causes dark dyes to vaporize and redeposit on light garments, creating stains.

So stand up to the jeers of friends and family, knowing the practice of color coding the clothes in your closets helps to ward against the silent staining of your light colored garments.


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