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2014 Fashion Trends for Pants

fashionPantsCigarette pants.  Sailor trousers.  Capris.

Ever since it became socially acceptable for women to wear slacks, they have become an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe.  This year, there is a wide array of fashionable styles to choose from, from cigarette pants to high waisted and wide legged trousers, but the style is only part of the fashion equation. The right fit and selecting the right length is equally important.  Mostly, length depends on the style of pants you’ve chosen to wear, and here are a few tips we gleaned from the Fashion Week runways.

1. Cigarette pants should NOT touch the shoe.  The ideal length is around the ankle – above, top, mid or bottom depending on your personal taste.

2. High-waisted and wide legged pants, which will be very popular in 2014, should almost fully cover the shoe heel and have at LEAST a full break (if not more) in the front.

3.  Capris should be worn with a shoe that has a bit of a heel, and the pants themselves should be tapered.  The ‘right’ length depends on the shape and length of your calf. Remember, capris will always make you appear shorter than you are.